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Tubecon provides direct access to influencers and their audiences through live events and online influencer marketing services.

Since 2014, Tubecon has worked with multiple local and global brands in various European markets. With over 100 sponsor cases under our belt and returning customers, Tubecon has built a special understanding of the various ways to succeed while simultaneously meeting targets.

Our secret ingredient is the direct interaction with the new generation of online stars. Tubecon works with a community of 600 European online creators. 

In addition to working with brands, products, and services, we have a wealth of experience of collaborating with range of other stakeholders, such as record labels, media partners, television networks, host city authorities, and various NGOs.

Tubecon provides an answer to the five most pressing current needs of the industry: 

1. New and unique, interactive marketing platform connecting Arena-sized live events, data-driven digital channels, and online + television audiences.

2. A passion-driven media platform that offers direct value to younger audiences through engagement across platforms.

3. Tailor-made influencer marketing solutions that are easy to deploy and are scalable.

4. Reliable metrics and targeting highlighting the Return of Objectives.

5. Media platform that addresses the whole consumer purchase funnel. 


Tubecon provides various packages serving partners as a platform with bespoke live activations online and offline. Tubecon interacts with target audiences before, during and after events.

Please get in touch with Tubecon sales to learn more about the opportunities.


The Tubecon Agency powers influencer marketing services and cross-platform campaigns for brands across all verticals. Our service is built on the unique experience of working hands-on with hundreds of influencers and industry partners within our European network.

We provide full-stack service setting the campaign objectives for different target audiences reached by the right strategy and creative approach. We cast and contract the right influencers, and distribute with campaign measuring and analytics.

Please get in touch with Tubecon sales to learn more about the opportunities.


Are you ready for action?

Tubecon facilitates strategic workshops where influencers work as specialists together with the brand. The workshop is an uplifting strategic learning experience creating new ideas and concrete campaign concepts ready for execution.


As part of the arena-sized fan events and tours, Tubecon organises visionary Tubecon Industry Day b2b events, where creators meet and exchange ideas with brands and the industry.


The Tubecon network extends through licensing and joint ventures. Please get in touch to hear more about the license package and our support services.

Tubecon is registered trademark owned by Tubecon Oy.